PHONE K-Tel Free K1 K2 K3
Number of minutes to stationary networks in Poland and mobile networks 0 minutes 80 minutes 300 minutes 800 minutes
Cost of calls beyond subscription tel. stationary / price per minute 0,10 pln 0,10 pln 0,10 pln 0,10 pln
Cost of calls within network 0 pln 0 pln 0 pln 0 pln
Cost of calls to mobile networks / price per minute 0,25 pln 0,25 pln 0,25 pln 0,25 pln
Subscription / month

1 pln

9 pln

29 pln

49 pln

More informations

  • To activate the service you need a VOIP gateway. You can buy it online or buy in a KORBANK Customer Care in the price 199zł.
  • VOIP gateway with television decoder, router Wi-Fi for the price of 1 PLN / month
  • The given prices are for 1 minute. You are charged by the minute.
  • The amounts shown for calls in Poland. International call rates is available at Customer Service.